Demo Portfolio

If you only have a few galleries then you could display them all on one page like this.
Below are two demo galleries which you can delete via the Gallery Wizard.

If you have many galleries covering many different subjects then you can create a separate portfolio (album) for each subject (eg: Weddings, Portraiture, Commercial etc) and then add multiple galleries to each of them. A portfolio is then added to a page (like this) which will then display all of the galleries in that portfolio.

For full instructions on the Pro-Gallery visit our support site:

Demo Gallery

This is a demo gallery which you can delete at any time.

You can add a description to each gallery (like this) and format the text as required.

This thumbnail display uses the masonry style which auto-arranges multi-format images into a neat grid. You can also switch the gallery to standard fixed grid format (as illustrated in the Private Gallery). You can also make the thumbnails square using the auto-crop feature when you upload them into the galleries (as demonstrated in the second demo gallery).

Square Thumbnail Gallery

The photos in this gallery have been uploaded at approx 1200x800 pixels suitable for use in the Full Screen Gallery display. The thumbnails have been cropped square, which is an option when you upload your own photos.